Nurul Hasnida Bt. mat Desa @ Ahmad

Mrs.Nurul is currently a Trainer / facilitator in Ziqzul Corporation Sdn. Bhd. specializing in Quality Control & Quality Assurance for Manufacturing Industries.She holds the Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Institute Technology Midas Petaling Jaya and was Graduate on year 2000.Her experience in Manufacturing since 1995 ~ 2015 (20 years) with her last position in her previous company as Customer Experience Quality Engineer , controlling Australia & New Zealand Market which she need to communicate with group of Sales, Engineer as well as production team from Malaysia , China and India Factory . She is also conducting the Quality Workshop to maintain the Quality sense to all employee.

Mrs.Nurul main subject of expertise includes:-
1 -Most Manufacturing process
2 -Quality Control & Quality Assurance Process
3 –Root Cause Analysis report
4 -Kaizen system
5 -5S system
6-Lean Management System ,
7-Continues Improvement Program (CIP)
8-ISO Document Control
9-ISO 14000 Environment
10 -Safety & Health requirement
11 -PokaYoke System

Prior to involvement in Quality Assurance with Continues Improvement program (CIP) , Mrs.Nurulwas involve with production & engineering team as well other related department in 8D problem solution program for each customer claim focusing on repeated issue and to come out with any full prove (PokaYoke) method to prevent same issue happened in future.

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